Analyzing Africa

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In a nutshell, our trip to Africa was life changing. We’ve been back
for over two weeks now and I’m still analyzing what the Lord taught us
along the way and how that impacts future ministry. As much as we
struggled with the timing and cost of the trip, I believe it was
specially ordered by the Lord to teach us some valuable lessons.
Here’s a quick summary:

1. Scripture is sufficient – Let the Word of God explain itself;
understand every word; commit to simple obedience
2. Keep it reproducible – Limit your methods in order to multiply the message
3. Reach out to households – Look for Men of peace: those that show
Interest and have Influence to Impact others (Luke 10)

1. Daily Bible Studies – It was a joy to have multiple studies every
day, and I was surprised to learn many similarities between African
and Asian culture in the area of relationships and decision making.
2. Asking Questions – Lead others to discover what the Bible is teaching them
3. Examining every word – Instead of flooding a study with
cross-references, try to dig deep into a single passage and thoroughly
understand what God is saying in the immediate context.

God gave us some great instruction as we gleaned from the experience
and insights of our missionaries. We learned some keys to developing
an entry plan for Thailand and I am excited about reaching out to some
people from Burma here in the US, while we prepare a strategy for
Thailand and Burma. Our next major step is deputation (presenting our
vision for ministry to churches across America). We’re praying for the
Lord lead in the timing of being sent forth from our home church and
wisdom for the many decisions ahead. Missionary Kent Gossmeyer
preached a great message last evening about stepping out into the deep
(Psalm 107:23-24), and I’m confident that we will again see the
marvelous hand of the Lord as we trust him for the unknown.


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