Anne’s Father passed into Eternity, April, 22nd, 2013

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Anne’s father, Robert Hammond, had a massive heart attack and passed away around 1:30pm yesterday, April 22. We left North Dakota right away and are still on the road, traveling back home to PA. Please continue to pray for a safe return as we plan to arrive late tonight. I’ll share more details of this journey on our blog:

Dad’s sudden death was a shock to us all and we cling to Christ for His strength and peace. We are comforted by the fact that we had a great, three-hour talk with Dad before we left for this last leg of travel. We were able to talk directly about our concern for his salvation during that time. Dad claimed to have a profession of faith and had a thorough knowledge of repentance and faith. Although we yearn for confidence that Dad came to Christ before he passed into eternity, we have peace that we did what we could to witness to him up until the end.

Please pray that God will receive the glory through the preaching and interaction around the funeral this Saturday. We have the burden of many unsaved loved ones on our hearts.

Thank you for your love and prayers during this time of loss. We have receive so many texts, e-mails and calls expressing your concern, and each one lifts our spirits back to a focus on God’s everlasting love. He has revealed His goodness to us in so many ways recently and we rest our cares in the Faithful One.

In Christ,

Nat, Anne, and Paul Williams

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