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Stumbling forward

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  Anne and I are being stretched daily in our usage of the Thai language. Today was more like a fall forward than a stretch, as I did my best to conduct a Bible study in Thai, without my usual helper. In short, the translator never showed, so I did my best to stumble along and do my best to explain the words of the verse in Thai, to a lady who can understand Thai but only read Burmese. Fortunately, we stuck with one verse and after several rounds, I think I got most of the words right. At least it gave this lady extra time to read for herself and examine the words in her own language. So, at least we fell forward and I know better how to prepare for next time. 
As many wise men have said, “Direction, not perfection.”

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You may live in a tropical country when your kids get excited over wearing socks. Such is the case today. The weather is cool, the tile floor is cold, and we pulled out the socks to take off the “chill.” Hmm… Looks like Dad is the black sheep of the family. :-)


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Going Green

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I’m enjoying some green tea in a green mug with green bananas. How’s that for going green?  Btw – this variety of bananas is ripe when green. Interesting.


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Comparing Scripture with Scripture

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Today I had another great Bible study with my friend Masae and his family. It was great not because of any fancy teaching on my part, but because we allowed the Bible to explain itself.

We were studying 1 John 3:9, a passage that is often labeled as difficult to understand, requiring much explanation. 

Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. 1 John 3:9

However, we prayed for the Holy Spirit to help us understand each word, in the context of verses 8 and 10, and started asking questions about this passage. The result was a clear understanding of the verse in a way that everyone in the study could own for themself. We started with the majority idea that this verse seemed to contradict other passages in the NT. We ended with the mutual understanding that Scripture always agrees with Scripture.
It would have been easy to just explain my knowledge of the passage and ask this group to trust my interpretation. However, I left with the satisfaction of knowing that God’s Word was lifted up, and that this group of people had discovered the answer for themselves.

The Bible is amazing.


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Transition time

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Transition time

We have just 3 days to go before our move North, and we are excited! Excited to finally be able to pack some of those items we use every day, Excited to be over a week-long bout of sickness. Excited to be moving forward.

This is a bittersweet time as we close out a chapter of life and ministry in Chiang Mai, and say good bye to many friends, our neighbors, and local shops. The sweet part is knowing that we have many new adventures ahead as we move to the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Yes, we will miss the convenience of Chiang Mai, but not the construction or the congestion of the roads. Mae Sai is a much smaller town and I believe the quiet will help us focus on the task at hand.

So, as we check off the “lasts” here in Chiang Mai, we are looking forward to the “firsts” in Mae Sai. Change is a good thing in that it helps us re-evaluate the essentials, our goals, and priorities. It also reminds us of how much we depend upon our unchanging God and the prayers of His people. The Lord is guiding us through a time of many decisions and questions, and we appreciate your prayers on our behalf. 


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