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Double trouble

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Our kids are best friends and partners in crime. The unique combination of Ellie’s fearless attitude with Paul’s mischievous nature makes for great adventure…and cleanup. Here are a few photos of them in action.



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Thai Translation practice

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Thai Translation practice

Our Thai teacher has been helping me translate my personal testimony tract into the Thai language. It’s a challenging project, as I search for the right words to express heart emotions and spiritual concepts regarding salvation. It has also been teaching me how difficult it is to type things out in the Thai language. I’m very thankful for digital tools like Google Translate that allow me to dictate words and phrases. Otherwise, I would be here forever with my painfully slow, cross-cultural “hunt and peck” skills. =)

Little by little, line by line…

We praise God for a language tutor that shares our heart for proclaiming the gospel!


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Our little man

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I thank God for Paul, our little man. He’s a great helper, a people person, and lover of the outdoors. He keeps us running, laughing, and on our knees in prayer. He’s my fitness pal and reason for the grey hairs. He’s about as stubborn as they come. Yep, he’s our son and we love him.

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Stumbling forward

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  Anne and I are being stretched daily in our usage of the Thai language. Today was more like a fall forward than a stretch, as I did my best to conduct a Bible study in Thai, without my usual helper. In short, the translator never showed, so I did my best to stumble along and do my best to explain the words of the verse in Thai, to a lady who can understand Thai but only read Burmese. Fortunately, we stuck with one verse and after several rounds, I think I got most of the words right. At least it gave this lady extra time to read for herself and examine the words in her own language. So, at least we fell forward and I know better how to prepare for next time. 
As many wise men have said, “Direction, not perfection.”

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You may live in a tropical country when your kids get excited over wearing socks. Such is the case today. The weather is cool, the tile floor is cold, and we pulled out the socks to take off the “chill.” Hmm… Looks like Dad is the black sheep of the family. :-)


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