Bags, Bedtime, and Blender

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These three B’s have been the theme of the last two weeks and summarize some recent answers to prayer.


We are in active packing mode at our apartment, reducing our stuff to the absolute necessities, and estimating how much it will cost to ship a pallet of boxes over the Thailand. Our initial plan was to travel with just what we could hand-carry. However the more we discussed our options, we have decided that shipping a pallet of our own things is probably one of the best ways to create a sense of home overseas. As they say, “home is where your stuff is.” Last week, we found a tremendous deal on luggage at Kohl’s (Gotta love those discounts), allowing us to fill the gaps of what we need for our flight. With new bags in hand, the excitement and reality of November’s move is growing every day. Please pray that we would have wisdom to fit in the priority items and for the details of shipping the rest of the boxes to Thailand.


We’ve asked many to pray for Paul’s sleep schedule and are pleased to report that progress has been made. Our latest battle has been to wean him off of night-time feedings, which translated into hours of weeping and wailing. However, we have seen Paul settle down over the last few nights without a fuss and sleep most of the way through the night. Praise the Lord! We figure that Paul has had ten months to teach his parents patience, and so it’s high time that his parents get some sleep.


Watch out! Anne and I have a new blender and we know how to use it. The blender’s purpose has morphed from baby food to smoothies, but it does both well and we are having fun whipping up some special treats. It’s fun to see Paul’s expression as we introduce him to real food, one strange combination at a time. One of my recent concoctions was pulled-pork bbq, rice and beans, with mashed potatoes and a banana. Yes, it looked terrible, but it was nutritious and mostly delicious.  The answer to prayer here is that Paul is eating and growing well. He is a very active little guy and loves to walk with help.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us as we pack and prepare over the next few months.



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