Burmese Bible Blessing

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A few months ago, Anne and I received a special love offering to buy a
Bible in the Burmese language. This offering of 86 Rand or $10.58 was
given by a group of believers in Digkale, South Africa. A couple weeks
ago, I ordered a couple of the original Adoniram Judson Burmese Bibles
from Bearing Precious Seed, Milford, Oh. They arrived last week with a
total of 25lbs of Burmese NT and John/Romans. I pulled out the invoice
today, to cover the shipping expense, and was surprised by what I saw:

Dikgale donation: $10.58
Shipping cost: $10.41

Of course, I’m going to send a little extra for a donation to BPS, but
what a reminder of the Lord’s Provision. 25lbs of Burmese Bibles with
17 cents left over.

Thank You faithful believers in South Africa! We haven’t even begun to
see the eternal impact made from your giving to the Lord.

Nat and Anne

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