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Fun Visitors!

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Fun Visitors!
We have absolutely loved having friends of ours visit for the last week or so! It’s been so much fun hanging out together, talking and laughing long after our kiddos are in bed. We’ve also enjoyed a couple of game nights, one of our favorite ways to spend an evening. :-) 
Our friends tend to be more explorers and adventurers than, shall we say, shoppers, so between the four of us, we discovered plenty of cool things to see in nature.
{The Readers and Nat explored a cave}
{Ellie experienced her first elephant ride near this river}

{Took a hike that led to twin waterfalls}

{New pictures were needed for a prayer card/Christmas card, so we snagged a few mommy & baby poses as well}

{Such happy smiles}

I’m so thankful for sweet fellowship and precious friendship. We’re sad to see our friends leave in the morning, but we are so grateful they came and spent the time with us!

(Photo credit: Ilona Reader)

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Precious Memories.

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In November we headed to the States for the purpose of spending time with people and I would say we accomplished the job! In fact, I wish we took more photos with people, but we didn’t always think about it. So here’s a quick recap of just some of the things we did during our 8-week trip.

We landed in NYC on a Thursday and five days later we were driving the 700 miles to my brother and his family in Kentucky. A quick two-day stay with them rounded out the Thanksgiving holiday, and I’m so glad we made the effort to go. The return drive of 15 hours seemed like it would never end. :-)
My niece, nephews, and sister-in-law with my baby girl.
We did experience a few warmer winter days and Paul enjoyed getting outside to play with some balls and our pastor’s children. But most of the days were too cold to play outside.
Some of my family got together the Saturday after Thanksgiving to go to a nearby Christmas village. What fun and what a good memory as we shivered together. :-)
Yes, it did snow while we were in Pennsylvania! I’m glad Nat thought to get some snow pictures, because most likely it will be several years before we see snow again.
We took a trip up to New York to spend some time with Nat’s extended family. On the way we stopped at a grocery store that had the perfect cart for Paul. He loved pushing it around and stocking up on an essential: Cheerios! By the way, the one time I found a box of Cheerios in Thailand it was $12.00, so we won’t be eating Cheerios anytime soon. :-)
While in New York, we stayed with Nat’s aunt. She had a neat toy car collection that Paul loved to play with.
Of course Paul got to go sledding at Great-Grandma’s farm! He absolutely loved it. 
Our main reason for returning to the States was for Nat’s sister’s wedding, which was just before Christmas. 
We also updated our family picture to reflect our newest little family member. It only took us 7 months for a new mug shot. :-) We took this after the wedding, so both kids were beyond tired, having missed their naps. Paul was quickly won over with cranberry bread keeping him smiling, but Ellie would not smile for anything. Oh well.
The week of Christmas found us in the Poconos with Nat’s family. We got a vacation rental house and enjoyed lots of family time. Paul loved getting to know his grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
We also spent some time with my sister and her family at Valley Forge National Historical Park. What started out as a quick walk turned into a 4-mile hike. After that brisk walk, the kids slept soundly!
Paul with my sister and nephew.
Some friends of mine and I intended to slip away for a 2-day ladies retreat in December, but the house we had found forgot we were coming and shut the water off for the winter. I was definitely disappointed, but last Friday night we enjoyed a fun evening together as couples, so it all worked out in the end.
 We packed things up and headed for JFK Airport this past Wednesday. Good friends of ours were very gracious in waking up early and driving us to the airport for our noon flight. Thanks Ben and Alyssa!
Our layover in South Korea was a lot shorter than we remembered, so Paul didn’t get to play on the playground this time around. Instead Paul got to watch the plane being loaded!

So there you have it! There were so many things that happened while we were home, but I can’t recount them all. I’m just glad for the opportunity to be back in PA… And now I’m glad to be home in Thailand!

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The weather has been simply gorgeous here in Eastern Pennsylvania the last few days and I’ve been able to have most of my windows open ~ my favorite way to cool down our little apartment!! In fact, Thursday night on a stroller walk with Paul I brought along his blanket because it was a little chilly… but not too chilly that I couldn’t later play volleyball. 😉 I’m glad my mom is nearby and more than willing to watch my little guy so I can get a little volleyball in.  I’m afraid there won’t be a lot of volleyball in my future when we move to Thailand! It sure was fun Thursday night: lots of laughs, good volleyball action, and a great time to spend with friends. :-)

I wish you all could see our house right now: stuff is everywhere! I am in the thick of packing, sorting, and getting ready for a yard sale soon. The first wave of going through my kitchen cabinets was emotional because most everything we have in our apartment is from our shower/wedding, but now I’ve kicked into the “clean it out!” mode. :-) Of course there are still many decisions to make as to what to store here in PA, what to take with us to Thailand and what to sell off. At the end of the day though, it’s just stuff.

My little munchkin is going to be turning one in September, which I can’t quite believe. That year went way too fast! My in-laws will be heading our way the first part of August so we’re planning to do a little party for Paul while they are here.  At first we weren’t going to do a party but then thought that unless anyone comes to Thailand every September, we won’t have family around to celebrate Paul’s birthday with us. So party it is!

Not too much else is going on for us. We’re home until the end of September and we’re trying to soak up the moments with our family and friends before our big move overseas.  It’s kind of strange in that we can’t wait to get to Thailand but then also realize that a bunch of people we know and love won’t be as much a part of our daily lives anymore.  What a blessing instant communication is! At least technology helps us stay a little more connected with life on this side of the pond. :-)

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Playing Catch Up.

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We’ve been home for almost a week and I finally feel like I’m getting into the swing of things. Unpacking was easy and getting adjusted to the East Coast was easy… for two of us anyway!  Our little babe decided it was way more fun to stay on West Coast time. :-)  Thankfully the last two nights have gone better than the previous four nights!
I was somewhat nervous going into our month-long trip out West, mainly because it was the first time we were on deputation without our car.  Up until that point, we were used to being in new places on new adventures ~ always in our car. :-) So, yeah, our comfort zone was gone for a month and replaced with planes, borrowed cars, trains, buses, RVs, and hotels.  We just kept rolling along and trying to be flexible!
But as usual, the Lord worked out all the details and we met some wonderful people along the way. My husband and I marveled at the way the Lord (once again!) met all of our needs, right down to giving us a place to stay when just the day before we were wondering where we were going to pillow our heads for the next night!
The West Coast is absolutely beautiful, and we only saw parts of Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. :-) I used to think Pennsylvania had mountains… nope, guess again!
Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska
We are grateful that our deputation travels have taken us to some amazing scenery across this great country! There’s nothing like staring at a beautiful mountain and feeling pretty puny. :-) Add to that Paul is one of the most traveled babies I know of. This kid has already been to 22 states… and counting. :-)
Alaskan mosquitoes took to Paul and left their mark. Two weeks later, and he still has a couple of marks on his face! He was a pretty happy camper through it all and thankfully most of his bites took place just a few days before we left Alaska.  I told our friends who live there that I’m going to have a really hard time picturing Alaska being cold and snowy because it was so hot and full of mosquitoes while we were there. Oh, and it was light outside for 22 hours.  Sheesh. 
We had a wonderful time in Alaska spending time with our friends. We were in the Interior, which isn’t your typical picture of Alaska. We did get to see grizzly bears, caribou, moose, Dall sheep, mountains, mountains, and more mountains! There aren’t too many major roads in Alaska, and most of them are around Fairbanks, which made it convenient for us. :-)

Paul’s latest adventure is cruising around, with a lot of help from Mommy and Daddy. :-) He has attempted to crawl, but doesn’t quite make it… although it sure is fun to watch!  Now that we’re home, we’re hoping he doesn’t get too bored with being in one place.  We plan to be in PA for most of the summer, with a quick trip out to Ohio to help friends with vacation Bible school. I’m grateful for the time home to spend with family, friends, and trying to pack our apartment up for our move to Thailand.

We have our tickets in hand and we plan on leaving November 5 – just a little over four months away. Downsizing our apartment into eight suitcases is going to be a wonderful challenge.  I was thinking again this morning of how I’m going to do this and was ready to burst into tears at the thought of leaving my home.  We’ve spent three happy years in this little apartment, but being sentimental is not going to get things organized! I think I’ll have one good cry over it and then get to work. :-)

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Friends And Bargains.

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Two of my friends are expecting so it’s been fun to go through pregnancy together:). We were talking two weeks ago about taking a picture and we finally got around to doing it last week!

(Paula ~ November, Saritha ~ October, Anne ~ August)


In addition to being due within a few months of each other, Paula and I also share a love for yard sales. This morning there was a huge one in a local development nearby, so Nat and I got up early to see what we could find. As a side note, I’m quite impressed with myself for willingly waking up before 7 AM three Saturdays in a row! Each week has been profitable and made it worth getting up early on the only day of the week to sleep in. :-)

Last evening Nat and I were praying for some specific items to find at a yard sale today and the Lord answered that prayer. It always amazes me how much the Lord is in the little details of life. In fact, He delights in doing so!

Paula snagged a dollar deal for me on a booster/high chair seat for Peanut. Since we’ll be doing a lot of traveling, I’ve been keeping my eye out for things that will travel well and I’m grateful she found the seat… that’s going to be a life saver on the road!

We are now two weeks out from Peanut’s due date, although I’m thinking I will go late. In fact, I’m planning on going late. :0) If Peanut arrives early, I will be very surprised!!!
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We’re Here…. A Belated Post:).

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So…. we actually made it to Thailand! And I’m telling you about it four days later:).

My husband is doing a fantastic job of keeping his blog updated (glad one of us is not slacking!), and if you’re missing it there, then I’m sure you’re seeing it on Facebook or Twitter:).

It’s Saturday afternoon now and I have a couple of minutes, so I thought I would update you all on things from my perspective…. hey, that sounds like the name of a blog I know!

Anyway, the flight over was quite uneventful, except for the getting sick part, but that is over with thankfully! We didn’t sleep very well Monday night before we left, but it has definitely helped since we’ve been in Thailand because our jet lag has been kept to a minimum.

It has been absolutely wonderful reconnecting with old friends! The year I spent in Thailand was so influential and these were the very dear people who made up my year here, so needless to say, I’m glad to be back:). Bonus is seeing my friend April who was with me in Thailand back in 2007 and is now here helping the missionaries for a third term. What a great time it’s been catching up with her!


Our purpose for coming (I alluded to briefly) i that this is our prayer trip to see where the Lord would direct our future steps in returning long-term to this country. I suppose one could also apply the term “survey trip” to our time here, but we are more focused on the who rather than the WOW!!!! that comes along with a survey trip. We feel very confident in that God has called us to minister in Thailand; we’re now going about looking for the ways of doing so.

We are presently in Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand. This is a change for both of us since we are very accustomed to Bangkok. Chiang Mai quite literally has a different culture from Bangkok, so that part is new to us, but good. Chiang Mai hosts a very good language school that we would like to attend for a year (when we return – not now:D) so we’re examining Chiang Mai through the viewpoint of this being our future home.

God has been answering prayer and exceeding our expectations and we are so excited for what He is going to do in the few, short weeks we have here.

We have also greatly enjoyed having genuine Thai food again… mmm, mmm! Chicken fried rice and garlic chicken with basil have topped my list, although I did steal a bit of my husband’s cashew nut chicken today:). Yummy!

Another thing we needed to take care of while “in country” was dental work ~ lots of it. For $75 today we had two cleanings, one x-ray, and two fillings done. Monday we go back for two crowns and a wisdom tooth pulled for about $400. Sooooo much cheaper than the States!

We (translate me) anticipate getting some flip flops while here ~ a girl can’t have too many!

Good trip… good times… good friends ~ the Lord’s at work!!!

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