Dents, Delays, and Divine Appointments

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In our last episode of Car vs. Snow, we battled with ice and slush in central Illinois. Round one ended with our car tired, but on top. Round two of our snow saga took place near St. Paul, MN, and ended with dents, delays, and divine appointments.

Dents: Round Two: Snow 1, Car 0
Just when I thought we were through the worst of the storm, we hit a patch of ice that changed everything in an instant. As the rear end of our vehicle overtook the front end, I realized we were headed for the concrete barrier. At that point, there was nothing to be done but pray and prepare for impact.

Our car spun a complete 180 degrees and took a hard hit to the right-rear corner. The force of the collision shattered the rear windshield and skewed the rear fenders. fortunately the trunk remained closed.

Anne was sitting in back with Paul and instinctively shielded him from the glass that littered the back seat. We Praise The Lord that none of us were hurt and that we didn’t involve any other vehicles in the accident.

I did my best to clean up the broken shards of glass as snow started to invade the inside of the car. The car was still drivable and we were right across from an exit that had a 24hr Wal-Mart. That was essential, since it was now after 10pm with most stores closed due to the snow. We were delayed about two hours as we covered the rear windshield, but you have to hear the blessings along the way.

Divine Appointments:
Little did we know, that The Lord had a couple of divine appointments waiting for us in this trial.

This lady helped Anne remove some glass from Paul’s car seat and immediately recommended a service station that “just happened to be open late that night.” It was only two blocks away.

Howie and Derek:
I believe this father and son team were angels disguised as red-necks. They cheerfully unloaded their heated garage bay so that we could work on adding tape and plastic to keep the elements of our beat-up car. They were quick, creative, and thorough as they patched up the hole left by the missing glass.

They weren’t supposed to be there that late, but they had some extra remodeling work that night. I shared how God had brought them there to be a blessing to us and to here how He had transformed our lives. I was able to share my testimony tract/video card with Howie and Anne passed along her testimony tract to Darlene.

As we marvel at the Lord’s goodness and provision, we can’t help but think that God allowed this accident for the sake of that witnessing opportunity.

Yes, we’re saddened by the twisted, broken temporal possession, but we rejoice in the chance to point others to a eternal relationship with Christ.



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