Double Blessing: 85% support

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Ministry Blog | 0 comments

Here’s a double blessing from Wednesday. I had stopped by the church office to check our mailbox and our secretary directed my attention to a letter from a church in Oklahoma. They were writing to let us know that they took us on for financial support. Yippee.

After that, I returned to my desk and saw that I had a new e-mail. It was a pastor in Illinois, writing to say that they also had just voted to take us on for support. Amazing…two in one day! I punched the numbers into my spreadsheet and see that we are now at 85% of our monthly support, and 36% of what is needed for our passage fund.
Isn’t that just like the Lord to encourage our hearts and remind us of His faithfulness? Thank you for praying for the remainder of our support. I am confident that the Lord will fit the remaining details into place, as we trust His hand of provision.

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