Flipping the switch

Posted by on Feb 9, 2012 in Ministry Blog | 0 comments

It was one small step for the average American, but one giant leap for James, my refugee friend.

The lights in his apartment were out and so he called me to see what he should do. This had happened before, and I was almost positive it was a tripped breaker. It wasn’t a difficult fix, but through the communication barriers of culture it was much easier done than explained. However, Anne and I were on a date and I couldn’t fix it myself this time.

So, I walked him through it over the phone. 6 months ago, this would have been impossible, but with just a little confusion between the Asian and American version of Closed (Off) and Open (On), we flipped the switch and restored the lights.

Simple stuff, I know, but it was a milestone event to actually solve a problem over the phone through coaching in English.

Good timing as well, since we start deputation in a few weeks. :-)


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