Get the seed out of the barn (bag)

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Get the seed out of the barn (bag)

I smiled when I saw our latest order of tracts (1,000 booklets) expertly stacked into a single bag. That is how we roll in Thailand – just about everything comes in a plastic bag. It makes it convenient for carrying on your bike or motorcycle. Well, except when you exceed the intended use of the bag, for example with 1,000 tracts…I digress.

Anyway, I thank the Lord for my friend Jay helping me to get these printed this week. This quick printing allows our friend Eliza to join in the action as we go house to house with a story about the Creator God. 

It was great to get the seed out of the barn, or bag in this case.

Please join us in praying that many would read this short story which leads to an online Bible study. 




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