Meeting at Mae La

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I’m sitting on a quaint bamboo porch in Mae La refugee camp as I type out this update. There’s a steady downpour of rain, transforming the narrow dirt paths between buildings into small cascades of ovaltine.

We had a successful meeting with Yar Kaw’s Mother, two sisters, brother in-law and aunt. It was a very sweet time as they gingerly opened the packet of photos and giggled with delight at seeing a 21 year update of Yar Kaw and family. Our driver, Pra Whit and another English speaking Karen man translated as of shared a few experiences from my friendship with Yar Kaw. I also took some pictures and a couple of short video clips to bring back with me.

We’re waiting for Dr. Simon to return, so that we can chat a little about opportunities to minister to the students of the Bible school here at the camp. They just rebuilt their school building in May, after a fire destroyed everything. I’m curious to see if they might be interested in some good Baptist Karen materials that Bro. Tom Gaudet is having translated. The trip out of the camp is going to be interesting with all the mud. Our driver is determine to boldly take his 18-year old Toyota Corona where no four-door sedan has gone before. Well, at least we have our backpacks with us in case we need to spend the night. :-)


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