Seattle and Beyond

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Yesterday marked the first airline flight for Paul and the beginning of a new set of adventures for us.

Our first adventure was challenging Memorial Weekend traffic on the PA turnpike that ground to a halt about 30min from the airport. Our generous buffer of travel time was insufficient for the jammed interstate before us. A quick phone call to Anne’s sister provided an alternate route that allowed us to bypass the worst part of the traffic. We arrived at the airport with just enough time to check-in, clear the hurdles of security, and grab a quick bite to eat before boarding. I am extremely grateful for our calm driver, Don, Family lanes, pre-boarding, and friendly airline personnel. It made all the difference in us making our flight.

The five and a half hour flight was smooth and uneventful. Paul worked off some energy in the first hour on board, which allowed him to take a good nap. I think he actually enjoyed the flight, since he had Mommy and Daddy’s full attention and plenty to eat.

On the Seattle side, we rejoiced to find our luggage in-tact and waiting for us at baggage claim. We grabbed our bags and met up with Pastor and Mrs. Josh Carter from Bellingham Baptist Church. They were such a blessing in driving 2hrs each way to provide us a ride, and we had a great time of fellowship on the way up to Bellingham. We, as in everyone but Paul. He had run out of endurance by this time and cried most of the way. The poor guy was completely worn out by the time we made it to where we were staying. We weren’t far behind, as it was 2:30am EST (11:30pm PDT) before we bunked down for the night/morning.

We praise The Lord for answered prayer, caring friends, and several hours of sleep. Jet lag has me up a little early this morning, so I’m tapping out this quick update.

Thank you for your prayers. We look forward to how God directs our steps over the next few weeks in Washington.




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