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Heading to the Wilhite’s

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We’re in the final leg of our trip and are loading up to head over to the Wilhite’s. Our time of fellowship with the Hammett’s was a special blessing and we’re thankful for their hospitality – letting us stay in their “B&B” – guest room.

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A Proper Braai

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Sonya and Jaco, friends of George and Kristin, treated us all to a traditional Aftikaans Braai on Thursday night. We had a great time and enjoyed some of the best filet-mignon I’ve ever tasted. I watched with great interest while Jaco expertly grilled the meat over a hardwood fire. It was a rather lengthy experience, over 3 hours before we ate, but well worth the wait.

Here’s how to create your own South African barbecue experience:

1. Build a hardwood fire and let it burn down to hot coals – about 45-60min
2. Arrange the grate about 6in from base of coals
3. Clean the grate with half an onion.The oil from the onion loosens the old deposits.
4. Wrap sweet potatoes in foil and add to the coals.
5. Grilling the appetizer:
A. Slice a few 3/4in steaks from a large cut of filet (filet mignon)
B. Slow-cook the steaks
C. Slice steak into 3/8in slices
D. Sprinkle freshly-ground salt and pepper onto one end of cutting board
E. Roll a slice into the salt and pepper mixture and enjoy.
F. The board is passed from person to person, each person taking a slice.
6. Grilling the Main Course:
A. Remove potatoes and stir up the coals
B. load main course onto grill:
–Half-filet of beef
–a few rings of Sausage
C. Sear the outside of the filet and then cut 3/4in medallions
7. Enjoy with Mealy pop, cheese bread, salad, potato casserole and other fixings.

Total time from firelighter to feast is about 3.5 hrs

Oh yes, and remember to follow up with coffee. You should have enough coals left to percolate a good pot over the fire.

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Sunset at the Dam

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George and Kristin took us to see the Tzaneen reservoir and dam on Wed, and we enjoyed a nice walk and beautiful scenery as the sun quickly sunk into the horizon. It sure sets quickly over here in Africa.

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From Francistown to Tzaneen

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Greetings from Tzaneen, South Africa!

We’re staying with George and Kristin Hammett for a few days and appreciate their hospitality and this time of fellowship. We’ve also been blessed with handfuls of play money donated by Luke. What a generous little guy. :-)

Many thanks to Jerry Wilhite for picking us up at the border and driving us the long journey back to Polokwane. We’ll be staying with the Wilhites this Saturday, for our last few days in Africa. Pray for us! 😉

Rejoicing in God’s goodness,


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Our Last Bible Studies

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Our last day in Francistown was a mixture of joy sadness as we wrapped up our Bible studies and said good by to all our friends in Francistown. We sure are going to miss them!

I had a great study with Last, one of the first contacts that I made on our trip. I chuckle when I think that this I the guy who said that he didn’t want to study the Bible, but just wanted to know how to break the power of the devil. As we closed our study, he was able to clearly communicate his understanding of the Gospel and desire to confess his sin and call upon Christ for salvation. I left him with the challenge to not put this off and to let us know when he receives Christ. I can’t wait to hear of Last entering the Family of God. Please pray with me that today will be the day of his salvation.

Two sisters, Grace and Angelina, that Anne has been working with are also at the door of salvation, ready to receive Christ. We are praying hard for them to come to the Savior without delay.

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