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Rangoon’s Revenge

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My two-day fever, nausea, etc, has been officially diagnosed as “bad food.” I guess it serves me right for laughing at the baby cockroach in Steven’s breakfast.

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Sakura Tower, Yangon

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The 20th floor of the Sakura Tower hosts the best view of the city of Yangon. From opposite vantage points, you can see the the Swedagon pagoda in the distance and the Sule pagoda in the foreground. The Irrawaddy river is at the southern edge of town, noticeable by the line of cranes. From this height, you also get a good perspective on a number of new high-rise structures rising from the floor of Colonial Era buildings. The other skyscraper in view is Traders Hotel, and if you look down the road at its base you can make out the dome of the Bogyoke market.

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Pics from Yangon

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Noah, Steven, and I took a short walking tour of the Bogyoke Market and snapped some photos of downtown Yangon along the way.

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Visas for Burma

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Today’s priority was processing visas for an upcoming trip to Burma. Due to the timing of our trip and the scarcity of available seats, we found that we were just in time to submit our applications for expedited processing. Tomorrow we should find out if everything is confirmed for the ticket purchase. Please pray with us that there would be enough seats open on the flight and that our visas will be approved.



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