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DIY Door Repair

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DIY Door Repair

Although I love do-it-yourself projects and fixing things, joy was not the first emotion that came to mind when our car door handle broke-off in my hand. Instead, I envisioned many frustrating scenarios, wrestling with a semi-operable driver’s door.

Fortunately, the repair was not hard and we had some extra time yesterday to get it done. With the Lord’s help and some visuals from YouTube, I grabbed my mini-Swiss Army knife (and a few other tools) and went to work. I’m sure I was quite a spectacle as I tore apart both driver-side doors in the hotel parking lot, but I didn’t care. I was just thrilled to find out that I could cannibalize the rear door handle to fit the driver’s door. Perfect! No more rolling down the window to grab the outside handle. That was getting old, especially as we drive into colder weather.





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Davenport: the rest of the story

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Thank you, to all who prayed for the Lord’s direction for April 7. Here’s the rest of the story:

We did not have a presentation meeting on Sunday, but instead, The Lord led us to visit and fellowship with Crossroads Independent Baptist Church in Davenport, IA. It “just so happened” to be their 8th anniversary Sunday, so we were blessed to hear many testimonies of the Lord’s faithful provision and guidance, along with the great preaching.

Speaking of God’s provision, He arranged housing for us all week with a sweet couple named Linda and John. We really enjoyed getting to know them and being a help where we could around the house.

We also the opportunity of hiking with good friends, Paula and Kevin Williams, from our home church, and helping another friend, Kathy, unpack her house, following a move from Cincinnati to Davenport. Kathy has a big house, filled with items from her move. We did our best to sort-through and unpack a few rooms, to help her get settled in.

Kathy also came out to church with us on Sunday and I believe that one of the reasons The Lord had us in Davenport, was to help connect her with a solid, Bible-preaching, Baptist Church.

There were many other little blessings along the way that reminded us of the Lord’s provision. We greatly enjoyed the fellowship with Linda and John, and feel like family after a week together.

The Lord is so good in guiding our steps. Thanks for taking part in these blessings through prayer.

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Seventy-Four Percent

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We praise the Lord for another increase in our monthly support! We are now at 74% of our deputation goal and, once again, are encouraged by God’s faithful provision for our needs. I needed this reminder as it’s been a very different week for us.

Different in the sense that it was not what I had planned. A cancellation left us with an entire week open in our schedule, and I tried everything that I could to fill that gap. I finally came to the point last week that my flesh was overcoming my faith in the Lord’s ability to provide a meeting. So, we put down the phone and decided to just look for the opportunities around us to be a blessing where we are at. He has provided us a comfortable place to stay all week, with a very gracious host that are friends of an acquaintance we met in Ohio. Yes, that is how God works, He uses people we would never expect or even know about to meet our needs.

I believe God is simply reminding us to patiently wait upon him. He is the one that meets our needs and if our ministry depended upon my ability, resources, or wisdom, we would have quit long ago. The truth is that this it the Lord’s ministry and we are just along for the ride. Thank you for your continued prayers for God’s direction.

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Fantastic Fellowship

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We greatly enjoyed our week-long stay in Marshalltown, Iowa with the Mulder Family and Fellowship Baptist Church. Pastor and Mrs. Ed Hannahs made us feel right at home, and it was such a blessing to fellowship with one of our supporting churches.

The highlight of my week was spending time with a Karen man named Moo Thaw. He is the leader of their Karen outreach and a great witness for Christ among the many Karen families in Marshalltown.

As Moo Thaw and I were sharing our testimonies of salvation, I asked him if we could record his story for a gospel tract. He agreed and we had an encouraging time of discussion as I tapped out the details of his salvation testimony on my iPhone. Our plan is to print his story as a gospel tract in the Karen and Burmese languages. Transformed lives are a powerful testimony, and I believe Moo Thaw’s testimony will be used in great way among Karen men and women that are searching for answers amidst the daily struggles of life.

Praise The Lord for His finished work of Redemption!


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Safely through the Snow

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Safely through the Snow

Last night was a first for us – a meeting cancelled due to snow.

We praise The Lord for His protection as we battled slippery, snow and slush along the roadways of central IL. We counted at least a dozen cars in the ditch, along with a couple of tractor trailers. I thought we might be next, but The Lord kept our car on course and protected us all the way to our destination.

We are very thankful for the hospitality of Pastor and Mrs. Hassel. They took us in out of the cold and took care I us until their son, Joel, and I could dig out of the driveway the next morning.

That was the most snow shoveling I’ve done for the last two years, with all our traveling, and it was actually fun…especially after my socks dried out.




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