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DIY Door Repair

Posted by on Apr 17, 2013 in Ministry Blog | 0 comments

DIY Door Repair

Although I love do-it-yourself projects and fixing things, joy was not the first emotion that came to mind when our car door handle broke-off in my hand. Instead, I envisioned many frustrating scenarios, wrestling with a semi-operable driver’s door.

Fortunately, the repair was not hard and we had some extra time yesterday to get it done. With the Lord’s help and some visuals from YouTube, I grabbed my mini-Swiss Army knife (and a few other tools) and went to work. I’m sure I was quite a spectacle as I tore apart both driver-side doors in the hotel parking lot, but I didn’t care. I was just thrilled to find out that I could cannibalize the rear door handle to fit the driver’s door. Perfect! No more rolling down the window to grab the outside handle. That was getting old, especially as we drive into colder weather.





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