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FAQ – Why Thailand?

Posted by on Sep 11, 2011 in Ministry Blog | 0 comments

I’m starting a new FAQ section on this blog for our future ministry in
Thailand. I figure it’s a good way to reset my focus on God’s purpose
for our service and witness.

Question #1 – Why Thailand?

This is a subject that I could speak on for a long time, but I’ll
summarize my answer in three parts:

1) The Hand of God
2) The Heart of God
3) The Honor of God

The Hand of God:
Thailand is the open door in front of a long line of decisions and
experiences that the Lord has led us into. It’s the place where God
has blended both a bond and a burden in our hearts. A bond for the
gracious, polite people who are steeped in religion, and a burden for
their lack of understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more
than 180 years, Christians have had influence on this country that is
open to the Bible and those that would teach its truths. However, that
lack of impact is surprising when you consider the hundreds of
Christian missionaries and workers in this land. No, we’re not
focusing on Thailand because of a lack of western missions, but
because of the lack of clear Biblical understanding among its people

The Heart of God:
Since 2002, the Lord has been opening my eyes to the reality of
Biblical missions. From the pattern that we see in Scripture, missions
is not about building a Christian or personal empire in a foreign
land, but it is all about advancing the Kingdom of God in obedience to
His command. I’ll admit that I am slow at learning, but God has been
patient to change my thinking little by little to agree with His Word.
God’s heart involves people – every creature. His desire is that we
move in the direction of the ends of the earth, proclaiming the Gospel
in every land, for every people group. He desires ordinary people like
Anne and I to take His message of Salvation with the power of the Holy
Ghost to accomplish what is physically impossible. Only God can change
hearts, and yet that is His specialty. He changed our lives and
promises to do the same for any person that will come to Him in
repentance and faith.

The Honor of God
While God has been shaping our understanding of his will, He was been
faithful to bring many individuals from Burma across our path. Burma
(officially called Myanmar) borders Thailand on the west and once
hosted the fastest growing Baptist missionary program in the world.
Today the country is considered closed to foreign missions and has all
but lost the message of the Gospel.

Because of physical oppression inside of this land, many individuals
have fled across the border into Thailand. The majority of these
people claim to be Christian and yet have no personal testimony of
conversion. They have grown up in a culture that would claim to be
Baptist, and yet over years of compromise and complacency, they have
let the fundamentals of the faith slip through their grasp. As
missionaries, Anne and I are unable to live inside of Burma at
present, there is an open door before us for ministering to those
living along the border, inside of Thailand.
Our vision is to restore the honor of God among the peoples of Burma
by rekindling a love for His Word. That’s one huge task for Anne and I
to bite off, but only one nation in which God promises to glorify

How all of this works out at the ground level is what drives Anne and
I to our knees – to seek God’s direction through prayer. We’ve
identified two different people groups that seem like the best place
to start. At the same time the Lord is opening up doors of opportunity
among people from Burma right here in America.

Wow, and I said this was the short version. =) I guess I should turn
this one into a series. Tune in next time to hear a few of our
attempts to reach into one of these people groups, in our own


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