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Fantastic Fellowship

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We greatly enjoyed our week-long stay in Marshalltown, Iowa with the Mulder Family and Fellowship Baptist Church. Pastor and Mrs. Ed Hannahs made us feel right at home, and it was such a blessing to fellowship with one of our supporting churches.

The highlight of my week was spending time with a Karen man named Moo Thaw. He is the leader of their Karen outreach and a great witness for Christ among the many Karen families in Marshalltown.

As Moo Thaw and I were sharing our testimonies of salvation, I asked him if we could record his story for a gospel tract. He agreed and we had an encouraging time of discussion as I tapped out the details of his salvation testimony on my iPhone. Our plan is to print his story as a gospel tract in the Karen and Burmese languages. Transformed lives are a powerful testimony, and I believe Moo Thaw’s testimony will be used in great way among Karen men and women that are searching for answers amidst the daily struggles of life.

Praise The Lord for His finished work of Redemption!


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Happy Karen New Year 2572

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Today, I had the privilege of transporting 46 Karen individuals from Allentown to the Mid-Atlantic Karen New Year Celebration in Lancaster, PA. Yar Kaw, Eh Htoo, Kuh Dah and families were among the group that crowded into the Bus – our largest group from Allentown in the last 3 years.

The year 2013 translates into 2752 years since the Karen people settled in the land now know as Burma, in 739BC. Therefore, this is year 2752 on the Karen Calendar. I’m estimating 225 people were gathered at this celebration, traveling from CT, MD, NJ, NY, and PA.

Other than Bus driver, my roles in this celebration included helping with a few technical items and leading the Star Spangled Banner during the opening ceremony (yep, that last one was sprung on me at the last minute).

These New Year Celebrations help to communicate and preserve the Karen culture, and to enjoy fellowship with families from other areas. Most of those in this group came from Mae La or Tham Hin refugee camps, so the friendships run deep.

It was a joy to make a few new acquaintances and renew some connections from past years. I praise the Lord for giving safety on a snowy day and for another opportunity to invest in our local Karen community.


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Great study on the Passover

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Brian and I had an unexpected Bible study yesterday with Yaco and Hla Henry. It appears that Hla Henry was at Yaco’s house, learning how to make samosa, when Yaco called to see if we could come over and teach them the Bible. It sure is refreshing to have men that show initiative to learn God’s Word. Well, we seized the opportunity, grabbed our Bibles and headed over.

It was time to finish out the plagues in Egypt and focus on the Passover. Wow, we had an excellent study about that picture of Christ’s redemption, and Hla Henry kept asking good questions. I was excited to see both of them latch onto the value of the blood as a substitute and payment for sin. It sure is fun connecting the dots leading up to Christ’s redemption.

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Flipping the switch

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It was one small step for the average American, but one giant leap for James, my refugee friend.

The lights in his apartment were out and so he called me to see what he should do. This had happened before, and I was almost positive it was a tripped breaker. It wasn’t a difficult fix, but through the communication barriers of culture it was much easier done than explained. However, Anne and I were on a date and I couldn’t fix it myself this time.

So, I walked him through it over the phone. 6 months ago, this would have been impossible, but with just a little confusion between the Asian and American version of Closed (Off) and Open (On), we flipped the switch and restored the lights.

Simple stuff, I know, but it was a milestone event to actually solve a problem over the phone through coaching in English.

Good timing as well, since we start deputation in a few weeks. :-)


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What’s in a name?

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Okay, I have a confession to make: I’ve been butchering my friend Yar
Kaw’s name for a long time now and Hla Henry finally set me straight.
His name is spelled Yar Kaw, but pronounced (ya-KOH), like Yocco’s
Hotdogs (for those from Allentown, PA). No, I don’t think there’s any
connection there. Jaco (Yocco) is the Karen transliteration for Jacob
or James, so for all practical purposes I can now switch between two
or three names as we interact together.

What happened, was the Thai have a heard time transferring vowel
sounds into English and the Karen don’t have last names. So, mixing
those two ingredients produced “Yar Kaw” on the refugee paperwork. The
US government processed that as Mr. firstname Yar surname Kaw, and so
for all legal purposes his last name is now Kaw. James Kaw.


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