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Sincere Questions

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Sometimes it’s the simple questions that are the most profound. Eh
Htoo asked me a good one in our Bible study today. We had just
finished a study on the foolish decision of Esau in despising his
birthright, and it seemed obvious to him that smart people obey God.

Eh Htoo’s question was, “Why don’t nations that are intelligent obey
God?” I asked him if he meant smart nations like Japan? “Yes,” he
agreed, “not everyone obeys God. Why?” I then asked if he knew how
many people in Japan would claim to love and obey God? “Many people,
but not everyone, I don’t know how many,” was his response. My
generous estimate of less than 10% caused him to exclaim, “NO! That
can’t be! 10%? Are you sure?” It blew his mind to consider a
super-power like Japan that would not obey God. “God is very patient.”

I’ve been uncovering a great desire among the Karen people to please
God. Their cultural belief is that God’s blessing has elevated the
leading nations of the world to their position of influence. They as
the Karen nation, desire to have that same prosperity and blessing.

I can’t wait to get into the next few lessons, as we deal with the
nation of Israel and the giving and keeping of the Law. Israel’s
failure to obey God is going to be a great object lesson, revealing
the fact that none of us can measure up to God’s standard of

Keep praying for us as we study, The Lord will magnify His Word!


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Pray for Lasting Peace in Burma

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Earlier on today, a historic ceasefire agreement was signed between
the leaders of the Karen National Union (KNU) and Myanmar’s military
government. This outward display of peace is one small step along a
long road to end a war that has raged for over 60 years. Will you take
a moment to pray for lasting peace in Burma?

Nat Williams

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Encouraging Expansion

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Ku Dah became excited when Eh Htoo invited her and her husband Ah Paung to our Bible study. Of course, I was encouraged, to hear that Eh Htoo had followed my advice to expand the study to include another household. What’s even better is the fact that both Ku Dah and Ah Paung have a great desire to learn what the Bible says, “from the beginning to the end.”

Eh Htoo and Yar Kaw joined me for the first Bible study with this new family. When we were done, I asked Ah Paung what the Karen in Allentown did for church. There was some rapid chatter amongst the group, an his response was, “Nothing. We want to have our own church, that is Karen.” I agreed, and mentioned that was my desire as well: to see the Karen people in Allentown understand the Bible, be made right with God and form their own church, that was built on God’s pattern from His Word. They all agreed that was what they wanted.

We’ll see where it all goes from here, but I’m encouraged with the direction we’re heading and the expansion that God is giving.


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Tender and Teachable

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Eh Htoo (pronounced “A2”) and his wife Say Khu Paw have been a very
teachable couple. Eh Htoo knows very little about the Bible, drawing
his knowledge from Sunday School lessons in the refugee camp. His
wife, on the other hand, attended a 3-year Bible school in the camp
and is fairly proficient in Bible knowledge. This disparity of
knowledge would introduce some challenges to the study, except for
that fact that both husband and wife have tender hearts and are
desirous to hear and obey what God’s Word says. I call that a winning
situation, as we simply read the Bible and ask questions about what it

Today we were studying about Cain and Abel, and it was encouraging to
see Eh Htoo discover Cain’s anger and choice to rebel, even when God
gave him a second chance. When I asked him why Cain was so angry
against his brother, he hit the nail on the head by pointing out that
Cain wanted to be in charge. Then we looked at what God said would
happen if he would obey and bring the right sacrifice. Wow, It was
exactly what he wanted: to rule over his brother.

God is good
Man is a sinner
God loves men and seeks to reconcile the problem of sin
Men that obey God are blessed and live in his favor
Men that disobey God are cursed and separated from him

This pattern jumps out in vivid color as we study through the first
few chapters of Genesis. I’ve been encouraged to see Hla Henry, Yar
Kaw and now Eh Htoo looking for answers in the text at hand instead of
trying to think up an answer. That’s what I’ve been trying to model,
and it appears like it’s being adopted by these men.

Thanks for your prayers,


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Belated Bible Study Blessings

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This a belated post, but one that I share to praise the Lord for some
Bible study blessings last Thursday. I’m off to meet with Yar Kaw and
Hla Henry after lunch, to advance in our Creation to Christ study.

Thursday, Oct. 20th

It was a great blessing to have a day filled with Bible Studies. I was
able to connect with Hla Henry in the morning and although it wasn’t
an official Bible study, we had a good talk about our church, it’s
beliefs and our mission in reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. I was also able to share some about my personal ministry and
desire to train men from Burma to have a love for God’s Word. He was
in agreement that there is a great need for discipleship along the
Thai border and I found it to be a good time of sharing goals.

I also had a study with George, around lunch time, and it was great to
see his thinking change about his need for repentance. We finished up
the fourth study and I drew out the timeline diagram to explain my
story of coming to the knowledge of the truth, coming to repentance
and coming to Christ. He looked at these three points on the timeline
and admitted that he didn’t have them in his life. George then
corrected himself and said that he had the first one, because that was
what we were studying. Amen. The issue of repentance, however, was
something that he did not have and we talked about the need for God to
show him the idols in his life, so that he could turn to agree with
God about sin and salvation. We’re scheduled to follow-up in a few
weeks and I would ask you to pray that God would stir up his heart in
the meanwhile and illuminate his need of repentance.

Arthur has been a real blessing to study with. He’s a very teachable
individual and has taken hold of the approach of examining every word
of Scripture. We were studying in Colossians 1:20-23 today, and it was
great to see him grasp the concept of reconciliation: that God has
paid for the sins of his enemies through the death of His spotless
son. It’s exciting to see Arthur coming closer to and understanding of
salvation and we’ll be focusing on the subject of repentance during
our next time together.

Thanks for praying! God is at work through His Word,


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