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The Great Allentown Fair Outreach

Posted by on Sep 2, 2011 in Ministry Blog | 0 comments


I always get a smile out of the grandiose title given to our local fair. However it does attract considerable attention and provides an excellent opportunity to share the Gospel with men and women from the regions beyond our normal circle of influence.

Every year we try a different theme for our booth and this Year’s theme is “Lives Transformed by the Gospel.” It’s our privilege, as a congregation of blood bought sinners, to bear witness to the transforming power of Christ Jesus, our Redeemer and Lord.

Our church encourages the writing out of our personal testimonies and these tracts are a great item to give away to men and women who are passing by with little care or regard for God or His Word. I find it very satisfying to be able to stand by a stream of fairgoers and simple share with them how Christ has transformed my life by obeying the Gospel.

It’s also neat to see the impact that our church has on the community as individuals report on which tracts and audio CDs they’ve found in various parts of the valley. Amen!

I’ve heard many exciting accounts of divine appointments, good spiritual conversations, and new contacts for Bible studies. That reminds me to thank the Lord again for faithful church family that loves the Lord and is committed to sharing Christ with every creature.


PS. I need to take a new photo as this one is of our setup before the fair began. Too busy handing out tracts to snap a pic. :-)

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