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Adjusting to the New Normal

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Living in a new country sets your senses on high alert. Although this is not the first time that Anne and I have been to Thailand, or the first time we have experienced the things listed below, setting up house in this land has added a complete layer of change to everyday living. Add a very active, teething, fourteen-month-old to the mix, and everything seems new. The following list of changes will give you a glimpse of the new normal for our family.

New (to us) Thai-styled townhouse – complete with beautifully uncomfortable Thai furniture.
New gecko on the living room wall (he eats the mosquitoes and is our friend).
New (to us) vehicle with a manual transmission and steering wheel on the right.
New experiences driving on the left side of the road, through fatalistic streams of motorcycles.
New tropical climate. It’s hard to believe we are approaching December, with 80-90 degree weather.
New battles with roaches. (I used an electric flyswatter last night to chase one around the house).
New bathroom and kitchen without hot water from the tap.
New Asian washing machine, with outside hookup on the front stoop.
New teaching moments with Paul as he tries to explore everything – like 220v outlets, bugs, garbage cans, etc.
New challenges learning the Thai language, 3 days a week.
New driving skills: shifting up/down mountain switch-backs; First time driving through a zoo. (They frown upon that in the US).
New grocery stores and diet. (About 50% Thai food, 50% American)
New budget and expenses. (Every transaction is in cash, so that means many trips to the ATM)
New friends: missionaries and Thai believers at church.
New neighborhood, with a mixture of Thai and American neighbors
New communication schedule. We are 12hrs ahead of EST, so we try to call first thing in the morning or last thing at night.
New opportunities to witness. The Thai people are very friendly and will readily take a tract. They also love Paul and will go out of there way to get his attention.

The Lord has been so good to us, providing grace for each step that we take. We are excited at the connections He is giving for ministry as we adjust to a new language and culture.

Thank you for your prayers!

Nat, Anne, and Paul Williams

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Visa Progress

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Good news! We have the visa numbers in hand for our trip to Thailand. This means that our visas have been approved on the Thai side and we just need our passports stamped by the Thai Consulate General in NYC. After a few failed attempts at finding an open post office where I needed one, I was finally able to place the packet of passports in the mail today. Please join us in praying that they will be processed in the time required, without any additional paperwork needed.

True to form, Paul’s crazy hair-do is a prominent part of his visa photo. =)



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