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Visa Progress

Posted by on Sep 28, 2013 in Ministry Blog | 0 comments

Good news! We have the visa numbers in hand for our trip to Thailand. This means that our visas have been approved on the Thai side and we just need our passports stamped by the Thai Consulate General in NYC. After a few failed attempts at finding an open post office where I needed one, I was finally able to place the packet of passports in the mail today. Please join us in praying that they will be processed in the time required, without any additional paperwork needed.

True to form, Paul’s crazy hair-do is a prominent part of his visa photo. =)



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Beautiful Bellingham

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We have greatly enjoyed our time here in Bellingham Washington and are soaking up the weather of the Pacific Northwest. Literally. It has rained every day, except last Saturday, when we had a wonderful opportunity to see Bellingham Bay and got a glimpse of the mountains in the distance.

Fellowship with Pastor and Mrs. Carter and Bellingham Baptist Church has been sweet. They have been so gracious to us, making us feel right at home and meeting every one of our needs. We even have a car to use for the week – Thanks Bro. Jonathan! Bro. Ron Marshall, took us on a unique history tour of Whatcom lake and Mt. Baker National Forest. It was too cloudy to see Mt. Baker or Mt. Shuksan, but we enjoyed driving through the foothills and hearing some fascinating stories about the history of this region. We also stopped to see a raging waterfall and plenty of huge cedar, fir, and hemlock trees.

From the bay to the lake to the forest, Bellingham is a beautiful area. We are grateful to make new friends and visit with a faithful church in this city that stands for the truth.


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DIY Door Repair

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DIY Door Repair

Although I love do-it-yourself projects and fixing things, joy was not the first emotion that came to mind when our car door handle broke-off in my hand. Instead, I envisioned many frustrating scenarios, wrestling with a semi-operable driver’s door.

Fortunately, the repair was not hard and we had some extra time yesterday to get it done. With the Lord’s help and some visuals from YouTube, I grabbed my mini-Swiss Army knife (and a few other tools) and went to work. I’m sure I was quite a spectacle as I tore apart both driver-side doors in the hotel parking lot, but I didn’t care. I was just thrilled to find out that I could cannibalize the rear door handle to fit the driver’s door. Perfect! No more rolling down the window to grab the outside handle. That was getting old, especially as we drive into colder weather.





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