English Camp

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80 attentive students; 4 days (5 nights); clear, direct preaching. fun times. 13 decisions for Christ!

Thank you for praying! It’s been a busy, tiring week, but one filled with opportunity to impact lives with the gospel. 8 missionary families teamed up with Pastor Srithone Kongkaw and Wiengping Baptist Church, to host a 4-day English Camp for students on break from school. The majority of students were ages 16-18, and already had a decent understanding of English grammar. We also had a few graduate students in the mix, who split-off into an advanced group each afternoon.

The students rotated through each of the 9 classes, practicing their English with subjects from Travel, to Computers, to Mathematics and Science. This was a challenge for teaching, as you had different levels and styles of learning represented in each class session. However, it also allowed for each teacher to impact the entire group of students. We had four teaching times per day, with a chapel and evening service to present truth from the Bible.

I was encouraged by the direct preaching of the gospel (in English and Thai), and the attention given by each student to the Word of God. We rejoice that 13 young people made professions of faith, placing their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ! This made all the long days and preparation worthwhile.

I also enjoyed teaching the Science class and doing my best to break down large words and complex ideas into clear, simple lessons. We had some fun times with plenty of active participation, trying to get everyone to practice their English pronunciation.


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Praise God for victory through Jesus Christ! Without conscious attention and reflection, daily victories can easily be attributed to circumstances or self-effort. That’s why I’m writing this post… to remind myself of some victories that the Lord has given over the last few weeks.

1) Paul’s nap schedule

Sleep is like beautiful music, and when Paul sleeps, his parents feel like singing (very softly of course). We have seen some breakthrough in Paul’s sleep schedule over the last couple of weeks. He used to fight nap time like the plague, but now the battles have simplified to small skirmishes, with just a few minutes of crying each time. hallelujah! Now if we could only find the secret to getting him to sleep past 7am.

2) Relaxed leg muscles

After a month of physical therapy to correct overly tight leg muscles, I am happy to report that my leg is almost completely back to normal. I have one torture/therapy session left and then am on my own to continue daily stretches. I am so thankful to say good bye to daily pain and to have more energy to devote to the people and projects at hand. Praise God for the health he has blessed us with.

3) Visa submission

Our one-year visas have been submitted and we await a letter of  approval from the government. It’s been a four-month journey so far and we pray that this letter comes before the end of our current visa extension. With that said, the Lord has blessed us with helpers that have spent much time and effort preparing and  processing documents. We have simply had to smile and pay, at each step along the way.

4) Language progress

Anne and  I have seen a lot of progress over the last three months of language learning. Although there are days when we feel lost in all the strange sounds and symbols, I feel that we have finally broken through the foothills on our climb to the summit. It’s going to be a long climb, but it’s encouraging to pause and look back at where we started.

5) Adaptation

Anne is my hero when it comes to adapting to a foreign culture and climate, while being pregnant, learning a new language, and taking care of a very active toddler named Paul. The Lord has given us great strength for each speed bump along the road to cultural adjustment. We have collected a pile of funny and not-so funny memories along the way, and learned that ice-cream and pizza are both excellent tools for resetting levels of stress. =)

We praise the Lord for our dedicated prayer team and for each person that has conquered the time-zone challenge in order to communicate. You are a blessing.


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Our Sink has come in

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The new kitchen sink was installed yesterday and we are very happy to to put the bucket system to rest. Yay!

As the workers were cutting in the sink, I realized that we received an upgrade on the counter material. The floor display was a Formica laminate, similar to the old one we removed. The new counter top is one solid piece…of granite. Just one more item that was lost in translation, but this time it was a blessing and reminder that our Heavenly Father watches out for our every need.


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